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Regent High School

FUTures at Regent high school: Careers education and work-related learning

Our Futures curriculum

Careers education is an important part of our curriculum at Regent High School.  It provides the link between what we do in school and a student’s next steps into the adult world.  There can be no higher priority than ensuring a young person can make an informed decision about their future. The Regent High School Futures Programme – our ambitious approach to careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) – provides activities appropriate to age and need.  It aims to provide students with the best possible foundation on which to base not only their post-18 and post-16 choices, but also their option choices for subjects in Year 9.

You can read about our ambition for futures education at Regent High School in our Futures Strategy.

Our named Careers Leaders are Mrs L. Driscoll, Assistant Headteacher (Sixth Form and Careers), who focuses on further and higher education, and Mr R. Harrison, Director of Community Engagement, who focuses on employer engagement; Mrs Driscoll and Mr Harrison can be reached by emailing or by telephoning 020 7387 0126.

We regularly review our CEIAG provision.  The next review will take place in autumn 2020.

Our Futures aims

We aim to ensure that all of our students:

  • understand the world of work and the opportunities available to them once they leave school;
  • have opportunities to learn from employers, and employees, from a wide range of sectors, in particular those most important to the Camden and London economies;
  • have opportunities to meet with a range of further and higher education providers;
  • are supported to make effective choices about their future study and career options;
  • are prepared for key transition points including Year 6-into-Year 7, Year 9-into-Year 10, Year 11-into-Year 12 and Year 13 into university or employment;
  • develop self-knowledge and confidence in making decisions and career choices that are suitable and ambitious for them;
  • develop characteristics that support high achieving students in the curriculum and in careers such as: social skills, communication skills, resourcefulness, innovation and resilience;
  • have parents and carers who know the relevant information, or where to find it, to support them at all transition points.

At Regent High School, we understand that careers education has never been more important for our students.  This is driving us to continually build on our CEIAG provision to ensure that all students are informed about the options available to them both on a local and national level.  Students enjoy experiences with our extensive range of partners to help them to gain a detailed knowledge of the different pathways available to them, including apprenticeships, technical routes, sixth form and further education colleges, universities and employment.

What we offer

We aim to offer a comprehensive careers programme that enables our students to gain an understanding of the vast array of career options that may be suitable for them on a personal level.  This begins with a focus on high aspirations, exploring a wide range of sectors and developing essential skills through the school curriculum.  This is the foundation upon which students build their own personal career plan as they are given the opportunities to engage with employers, further and higher education institutions and to receive impartial advice from our Careers Adviser. 

Gatsby Benchmarks

Regent High School welcomed the Government's Careers Strategy: making the most of everyone's skills and talents (December 2017) and the Gatsby Benchmarks of Good Career Guidance (2014).  These are the eight foundations of good careers guidance (link here?) and our aim is that they permeate our curriculum throughout the school.  This includes supportive careers information from subject specialists – including expert advice from our partner organisations, where appropriate – our RESPECT (incorporating PSHRE) curriculum, assemblies and tutor time activities, and transition events.

Independent careers guidance

Supporting our careers provision from Year 7 through to Year 13 is our Careers Adviser, Mr L. Kraku, who works in school on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  He offers one-to-one sessions giving impartial advice about careers.  All Year 11 and 13 students are offered at least one session in the year, but all students can arrange a drop-in session via their tutor at any point. Mr Kraku is able to help and advise students on:

  • careers advice;
  • support to complete applications to further and higher education institutions;
  • part-time work and CV writing;
  • volunteering opportunities;
  • getting involved in activities outside of school such as youth clubs, drama or sports opportunities;
  • student finance.

The careers office can be found in the Library, where students also have access to an extensive careers library comprising books, magazines and leaflets that are available or reference.  Students can also access age-specific careers advice via the ‘Futures’ room on Google Classroom, and will continue to be able to use a range of online careers resources including:

  -  Kudos

  -  Inspire

  -  U-Explore

  -  Careers4u TV

Work experience

Students in Year 12 are offered the chance to engage with employers from a range of sectors and are currently offered opportunities in virtual work experience placements.  In the last year these have included opportunities with prestigious organisations such Google, Taylor Wessing, the NHS and the Francis Crick Institute.

The main focus of these experiences is for students to develop their employability skills and consider the importance of communication and team work while in the work place.

Employers and alumni

We are very eager to work with employers and alumni to build on our current external links.  If you are an employer or former student and feel that you could support current students in some way, perhaps by giving a speech, workshop or tour, then we would be thrilled to talk this through with you.  If you would like to be part of our employer community, please contact Mr R. Harrison on

Parents and carers

You can support your child in this area of our curriculum by exploring the wealth of information available on the Internet, as well as visiting us at Regent High School.  Please see the list of useful websites which explore careers, apprenticeships and skills building sites.

Information for students in Years 11, 12 and 13

You are still able to log into your Unifrog account and access the careers information stored there.  You can download your CV and any other information that you have stored to keep it for the future, as well as accessing all of the career profiles and ‘how to’ guides. This will be a really useful resource whilst you are deciding what your next steps may be.

Students in Years 11 and 13 may find this resource helpful.

Our Futures roadmap

Futures activities take place throughout the year and during each of the five or seven years a student spends with us. 

By the end of Key Stage 3, students will:

  • know how to use the careers library;
  • have found out more about themselves, including their skills and talents, personal qualities, and possibilities for change;
  • know how to make decisions, such as choosing GCSE/BTEC options;
  • have learned about equal opportunities;
  • have met the Careers Adviser;
  • have used Kudos to find out more about the types of work they are suited to and are interested in;
  • have discovered more about the world of work and the choices they have to make;
  • have started the process of action planning.

By the end of Key Stage 4, students will have:

  • taken part in Employer Engagement Week in Year 10, which incorporates meeting a range of different employers, using Unifrog to explore their post-16 and post-18 options, and taken part in workshops to develop essential transferable skills;
  • used computer resources such as Kudos and Jobs4U to continue to find out more about the types of work in which they are interested;
  • received more information about their post-16 options, including information about local colleges and Regent Sixth Form;
  • developed an action plan;
  • had a guidance interview with our Careers Adviser, and helped to decide about their next step.

By the end of Key Stage 5, all students will have:

  • taken part in Futures Week in Year 12, which incorporates visiting at least one university, using UCAS and exploring post-18 options using Unifrog;
  • extended their self-knowledge, career exploration, career management, key and other employability skills;
  • developed their career capital (e.g. with work experience, voluntary work);
  • devised a set of personal criteria to help them identify appropriate routes to their goals;
  • researched, evaluated, obtained guidance on, chosen and applied for an appropriate opportunity and, if necessary, financial support;
  • made a back-up plan in case things go better or worse than expected.

Our Futures Strategy impact

Monitoring student progress throughout their time at school is essential to ensure that all students are aware of new career opportunities and are on-track to achieve their desired goals.   At Regent High School we have a strong tradition of student voice and one of the most important ways in which we monitor the impact of our Futures work is through feedback from students, including baseline and exit surveys before and after opportunities.

If you require any further help, advice or information, please contact us at the school.